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You can use San Mateo County Divorce Online for your divorce, provided that two main conditions are fulfilled. First, either you or your spouse must meet the residency requirements of the state and area where you will be filing for divorce. And second, you plan to have an uncontested divorce.

If spouses have unresolved conflicts, they can opt for an alternative dispute resolution method, such as mediation, before filing for divorce. If all other methods were unsuccessful, the spouses should contact lawyers.

Preparation of completed divorce papers cost $139. After that, subscribers will be sent email reminders before each monthly charge.

San Mateo County Divorce Online provides plenty of information describing the divorce process. Even if you’re just planning a divorce, you can use the website to learn more about what is awaiting you. You can also find references to legal documents, court addresses, links to helpful resources, and forms for illustrative purposes.

Keep in mind that San Mateo County Divorce Online provides only general publicly available information and does not give legal advice.

San Mateo County Divorce Online prepares and sends completed divorce papers in PDF format, so you will need software that allows opening, viewing, and printing PDF documents. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat, which is free and easy to download. But there are other PDF readers that you can find online.

Before you start downloading any software, check your computer or smartphone for already installed similar software.

Yes. You can make changes to your answers within 30 days of creating your account if your documents are not ready yet.

However, correcting information in already completed documents is more complicated. Once you have answered all the questions and confirmed the generation of your papers, you’ll have to pay an additional fee to make changes.

You can easily change any answer using one of two options. First, go back to the previous page using your browser’s Back button. Once you’re on the right page, type in another answer or choose one from the list.

The second option is to use the status bar that shows your progress and the already completed questions. Choose the one you want to change and click on it to enter different information.

No, your papers won’t be checked by an attorney. San Mateo County Divorce Online drafts your divorce papers without lawyers.

The service uses only court-approved forms and completes them according to your answers to the questionnaire. Each question is followed by clear explanations and references to applicable laws for more information.

Yes, our clients can contact our technical support staff by email or phone free of charge. They only consult you on the technical issues that emerge when working with forms or websites’ functionality and cannot provide any legal advice.

You can put your progress on hold at any time. You can stop filling out the answers and come back whenever you are ready. Our system will save your progress so that you can pick up from where you left off. You will be able to continue working on your documents after logging back into your account.

Yes, your spouse needs to sign the finished divorce forms. Before you can start creating papers with the help of San Mateo County Divorce Online you will need to discuss and settle all divorce-related issues with your spouse. At a certain point, after these papers are ready, they have to be signed by both spouses.

No, you don’t. It’s your choice whether you want to fill out your information alone or together with your spouse.

San Mateo County Divorce Online doesn’t require the presence of both spouses at the same time. You can complete the papers by yourself and send them to your spouse for review before finishing them. Or you can share the account with your spouse and let them use it.

Don’t generate any documents until you discuss everything with your spouse, so you won’t have to make changes after drafting the papers. Make sure that all answers and information you provided are correct. You don’t have to fill out the entire questionnaire at once. You can pause and come back to it when convenient.

San Mateo County Divorce Online and its staff cannot provide you with legal advice.

You’ll receive extracts from legal resources, such as state codes and court rules, while working on your papers. All of the provided references should be enough to find answers to your questions.

Access to licensed attorneys will be available in your account. Since it’s not part of the San Mateo County Divorce Online services, you will have to pay a fee.

If you do not know your spouse’s whereabouts, you still need to file initial documents with the court and get the case number. After you prove that your spouse is nowhere to be found, you can ask for a default judgment.

San Mateo County Divorce Online provides you with all the required papers to start your divorce case. If you decide to request a default judgment, you will need a few simple additional forms that can be obtained at your local court.

Yes. In addition to standard papers, San Mateo County Divorce Online provides divorce forms required for spouses with underage children.

Yes. Filing fees are not included in the cost of San Mateo County Divorce Online services. The court costs differ from county to county, so you need to check the fee schedule in advance.

Yes, you can. You have several options depending on your situation. If you and your spouse are ready to reach an agreement but can’t figure out everything at once, you can start filling out the forms at San Mateo County Divorce Online and agree on specific issues during the paper preparation process. Otherwise, try using mediation first.

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Orlando B.
Orlando B.
East Palo Alto

“When my ex-wife and I decided to split, neither of us knew how to fill out the divorce forms properly, but we didn’t want to go to a lawyer. We found Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com, which was a huge help – all we had to do was fill in a questionnaire about our marriage, and our divorce paperwork was ready!”

Veronika P.
Veronika P.

“Even though me and my ex-husband had an uncontested divorce, there was still plenty of confusion with the documents. First, we did the divorce filings ourselves, but the court rejected them because of some mistakes. After that, we decided to use Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com, and it was so simple and fast! All our documentation was approved, and we got through with the divorce process without any more problems.”

Jessica A.
Jessica A.
Menlo Park

“We had conflicts for a while, and the divorce seemed to be inevitable. Unlike my ex-husband, I also had to take care of our little daughter. Even though he helped us – it wasn't enough. I couldn’t afford a lawyer and had no clue about family law or how to do the papers. Luckily I found Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com! It cost me only $, and the court accepted my documents on the first attempt!”

Jacob B.
Jacob B.
Daly City

“My ex-wife and I didn't want drama in our separation. We just wanted a quick, quiet, low-cost divorce. Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com was a huge help in that! It cost only $ to get flawless divorce documents that the court accepted on the first try—no hassle or fuss.”

Klark R.
Klark R.

“I never thought that a divorce process could be so cheap and easy! I always hated writing official documentation, so when I realized how many documents needed to be done for filing for divorce, I naturally got upset. I didn't even think about doing it myself and immediately started looking for an online solution. At Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com, I only had to answer a few questions about my marriage, and shortly after, I received my documents ready to be filed with the court.”

Leila S.
Leila S.
Half Moon Bay

“My ex-husband and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on our divorce. When we found Sanmateocountydivorceonline.com, we were relieved. The service was really helpful in terms of reducing the money spent on the divorce. We paid just $ and some filing fees, and our documents got accepted on the first attempt! ”

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